Thursday, July 12, 2007

Hi I'm Skye (lol that rhymes)

Yeah my friend Scout told you pretty much everything, our place is way cool, just don't touch that pizza. I think it's from last year. It's an antique.

Anyway, yeah Scout and I are friends, kinda grew up together making the neighbourhood unsafe for boys *grins*.

I wear pretty much whatever I want and have been known to raid a closet or two, including Tuli's, and remake stuff to my own liking. My favorite tools are scissors and dirty hands.

Scout and me are outdoors a lot making mischief so if there's anything you wanna know about our stuff you could also contact Callie or Tuli, I'm sure they will be able to track us down if we let them hahaha!

Tuesday, July 3, 2007

hey, i'm scout...

ey there, i'm scout sloane, my friends call me "scout". my best friend is skye su, and we love to hang out together and explore, make things, meet people, decorate our fort and just have fun...

we've known each other for a long time, and recently, our friends, caLLie cLine and tuli asturias made some stuff for us to sell in our fort, they sorta thought our fort was cool, and wanted us to make stuff for other girls like us...

girls who like to get a little dirty, ride bikes, skateboards, horses, go barefoot, surf, and just not fuss about "what we're gonna wear" and all that stuff.

it's not that we don't care about what we wear, or how we look, it's just that we care about other stuff too, and we don't care what's "in" today or tomorrow, and we don't care if we have the "latest and greatest" things...

we don't care if we rip our clothes, and we don't care if it's flexi, sculptie, hand drawn or photo sourced, we just care if we like it.

and if you do too, that's cool, and if you don't, that's cool too...

we're a bit bratty, but not mean, a bit witty and weird, but not nasty or rude... not on purpose anyway... and we're not "all that" or "trying to be cool"...

we're just 2 girls who like to have fun, live our life, meet cool friends and now we are gonna make stuff we like and hope some of you will too.

ya we're new in town... that's ok... if ya wanna visit us, feel free... if we're there, we can hang, if we're not, make yourself at home...

just don't wreck my stuff!!!



Sunday, June 24, 2007

meet scout and skye

brat and badass